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Watch What Your Timepiece Says about You

What your timepiece says about you

Every woman wants an alpha male. They want a man who has confidence and who may slay a few proverbial dragons on their behalf. True masculinity is communicated via the details of a man’s appearance. A watch is the crown jewel or finishing piece in their non-verbal dominance. Let the world know with your timepiece that you are a man’s man and a knight in shining armor.


Confidence, not arrogance

In the age of YouTube and Snap Chat, it is easy to be overt with a sense of pride as well as displayed masculinity, which reads more as beta in desperation than a true alpha. Most men today do not realize arrogance and confidence are not the same concept. A real man allows himself to have exquisite taste in quality timepieces. Men do not need the attention of the masses; they want attention to detail. A watch conveys the quality a man expects out of life.


Stylish functionality

Watches balance practicality and style. Luxury sports watches announce that you are a man who conquers the boardroom and the outdoors. Big face watches suggest that while climbing mountains, you look down to check you are beating your personal record. Women also choose this style rather than having a weightier timepiece, which may be too heavy on their smaller wrists. A watch should be practical, but that your ordinary is above everyone else’s as well.



Good manners dictate that it is gauche to discuss money. Status is seen in the cut of a suit, the color of a tie, and the timepiece one has chosen to wear. Fashion houses have joined forces with jewelry houses to design statement pieces. The blend of techniques and aesthetics gives the wearer the opportunity to command any room. Thankfully, more affordable options are available that can have the same impact.



Men of a certain class will be particular about the color, style, and materials of their timepieces. They may have grown up with a watch passed down from generations or have a hobby in horology. As a result, they value the history of a classic watch’s design and the country in which it was cultivated. These men are determined and may judge a person on the texture of their clothes.



Some men try to stand out and be unique, more so than anyone else. They eschew the push towards status and forge a singular style path. An analog yells defiant and lets those around him know the ordinary is not for him. This trailblazing man may judge you for your mass-produced shoes.




A man with a digital watch may thrive in front of a screen and feels comforted by the futuristic things in life. Digital watch wearers look more towards what is to come than what has happened. They want to stay current with technology trends and want a watch that shares some of the same features on their phone. He may prefer looking at your phone than making eye contact.




A watch is a portal into the wearer’s personality. As an accessory that is worn daily, choose your timepiece with care. Blend practicality with a representation of your preferred aesthetics; your status may depend on it.

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