Your Watch Reflects your Passions from Racing to Diving and All Other Sports | Lapizta Racing Watches and Luxury Sports Watches

Your Watch Reflects your Passions from Racing to Diving and All Other Sports

Your Watch Reflects your Passions from Racing to Diving and All Other Sports

The average global citizen does not get enough fresh air and exercise. If one were to tell our ancestors from twenty to even fifty years ago how much time we spend indoors facing screens, there might be concern for our well-being. Life does not have to happen before us on a big or small screen or documented for social media approval; it is an adventure of the best kind.

Seek your thrill

Wind rushing against or faces and our pulse rushing in our ears are the ultimate thrill rides. Men and women sick of sitting in a desk chair for eight hours a day and being turned into couch potatoes after long commutes fight back via outlets such as racing and driving to harness the rush of being alive. With so many sports available, you can pick almost any physical activity and thrive. Start with lighter activities and work your way up to physical challenge like racing or diving.

Start your engines

One of the most popular sports of all time involves a man and his car. These events harken back to chariot races. One only has to watch a movie from the 1950s onwards to see a checkered flag drop before two cars speed to a determined finish line. Vehicles are a part of American culture from drag races to drive-ins and the passion endures with international races. Competition is fierce and thrilling. Capture the essence of the checkered flag with racing watches. When at speedway, these watches must countdown, indicate elapsed time, and reset quickly.

Under the waves

In today’s world people talk not to understand, but to shout. Few places are as calming as being at the beach or on a dive. Diving watches measure depth, remaining air pressure, and bottom time. These watches must be detailed and work properly to prevent injury. Nitrogen is absorbed into tissues when under the water and time must be calculated properly to ensure that there is time to decompress before surfacing or the dreaded bends may occur. A solid watch allows the diver to calculate time to enjoy maximum enjoyment form this activity. Diving watches have a reputation for engineering prowess, being water resistant, and to carefully track time.

Other sports

Sports thrive on competition and beating personal records. Your timepiece announces that you may be a person of leisure, but you also challenge the sedentary lifestyle one activity at a time. Weekend warriors and professional athletes share the common goal of fighting back the ordinary. Be one of them. A watch displays your passions and can initiate conversations with like-minded adventurers.


Life continues to be sedentary. The great outdoors are forgotten for iPhones and desktops. Be part of the revolution and enjoy undocumented life with a watch that can be part of your adventure. Whether it be calculating bottom time or lap times, wear your adventurous spirit on your wrist and challenge the status quo. Your watch will thank you.

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