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The Signs of a Quality Watch

The signs of a quality watch


In an era filled with smartphones, smart watches and Wi-Fi enabled gadgets looking at your wrist to tell time has become virtually obsolete. The quintessential timepiece has now become a luxury. This engineering marvel made up of hundreds of pieces has an astonishing number of variations, styles and brands. Finding a luxury watch may be easy, yet finding one that accurately communicates your passions and is manufactured at the highest quality may not be such an easy task. A well-crafted luxury watch or luxury sports watch should last for many years to come, to be passed down from generation to generation.

What to look for:

  1. The Case: Not all steel is the same

Case of a watch

Resistant and malleable is the name of the game when it comes to luxury watches and luxury sports watches. There are many types of stainless steel that vary in metal compositions. The combination of chromium, iron and nickel from 316L steel sets the benchmark when it comes to stainless steel. Most watches are made from 201 or 304 stainless steel that is much more economical, but 316L steel is much more corrosion and magnetic resistant. Not to mention its strength and luster.


  • The small addition of nickel makes it hypoallergenic
  • With its extra-low carbon content, the 316L steel is seawater corrosion resistant. Perfect for those looking for a luxury diving watch.


  1. The weight: A heavy watch is a good watch.

Close up of the back of a Lapizta Watch

A heavy watch signifies a quality watch. A quality timepiece is made up of several parts that on their own amount to some weight. The additional parts should be crafted from sustainable materials that together produce a durable watch.


  • Heavier timepieces usually mean they used a higher quality steel
  • Solid, sturdy well-constructed timepieces should be substantial in weight


  1. The Glass: Look for reinforced mineral crystal with sapphire coating

Close up of the Watch

The glass of a timepiece is extremely important and should be taken into consideration. The materials used in timepieces have changes over the years. Mineral crystals will shatter if struck hard enough but will not crack. A Sapphire glass will rarely shatter, they are scratch-resistant and will maintain an impeccable appearance over time. With the mixture, you get the best of both.


  • The higher the quality of the watch the thicker the Sapphire glass
  • Sapphire glass is a sure fire sign of a quality timepiece


  1. The Statement: Communicate who you are.

When you buy a luxury watch or a luxury sports watch a statement is made, without the use of words. The savor of wearing, feeling and owning an item must be felt rather than expressed. In order for this to take place the timepiece must be more than just a “fine item” it must compel your inner most desires. The statement is entirely personal and unique to the wearer. Which for us is the most important attribute when looking for a quality watch.


  • Your timepiece should be passion driven and bold.
  • Make sure who you are is communicated without question

The love for a watch is emotional; the quality is the silver lining. The timepiece located on your wrist is an extension of your personal communication; make sure to buy something that truly expresses that. A timepiece is not only luxurious but a reflection of who you, who you have been, and who you will be.

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