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Measuring Your Wrist Perfectly for a Watch that Will Make You Stand Out

Measuring Your Wrist Perfectly for a Watch that Will Make You Stand Out

A watch is a thing of beauty for men, women, and children. In order to appear polished and offer comfort and security to the wearer, the timepiece must fit correctly. Sizing is a top priority. It is important to avoid sliding down the arm and possibly losing your treasure. One cannot go by the fit of old watches, particularly ones with leather straps that shrink or may not have been correct in the first place.  There are also dimensions to consider when deciding if a watch is ideal for your wrist, including case diameter and thickness, alongside material quality. Your watch is a personal accessory that catches the eye, and the following brief guide will make sure you look exceptional with a perfectly fitted watch.

Touch method

One unscientific way to test the fit of your watch is to stick your index finger between the strap and your wrist. If a strap, or attachment, is too tight, it will leave an indentation. A perfectly fitted watch will allow your arm to have some breathing room and for the watch to have slight movement to ensure optimal comfort.

Ribbon method

A ribbon is a certain way to measure your wrist. Wrap the ribbon around your wrist and secure it with a strip of tape, then mark the place where it overlaps and unwrap it. Use a ruler to measure from the start of the ribbon to the black mark. A sheet of paper or dollar bills can also be used if you are in the office.


A great fit is not only about the wrist. Other factors contribute as well, such as case diameter, case thickness, material personality, and other components of the watch. Case diameter is the width of the case. For men, this tends to be between 45-50mm, with women’s watches averaging less than 34mm. Case thickness is the height of the case. Generally, smaller wrists look better with a watch with slimmer case thickness while the opposite is true for wider wrists.  Leather bands tend to look better in slimmer proportions, whereas big face watches pair well with metal bands and larger dimensions.

Additional dimensions

Other things to consider when selecting a watch include as additional hardware dimensions such as the lugs, also known as the legs of the watch due to the functional way they jut out from the case. Lugs can overwhelm a smaller wrist and make it appear to be a poor fit. Crowns and pushers should also be in proportion to the size of the wrist. There are also racing watches, divers watches, and sports watches for men that offer additional functionality and a different look than timepieces for the office.


Watches are a personal treasure that, with the proper care, can last a lifetime. Trends might come and go, but a well-fitted watch will always be in style. Take the time to measure your wrist with either the touch method or the more reliable ribbon method. Once you have determined the circumference of your wrist, take the other desirable facets of your timepiece into consideration. A wearer can use their timepiece for the office or on multiple adventures.

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