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Big Face Watches and Compact Face Watches

Big Face Watches and Compact Face Watches


Watch sizes fluctuate throughout the decade. Present day watches have enlarged faces and compact ones have fallen out of favor, save a select few. Todays’ watches have been bigger than they ever have been in history. The 00s saw a trend in the oversized, but present timepieces are more sizable in terms of the diameter of the watch case in millimeters as well as the thickness of the case in the same measurement.

Big vs compact

Traditionally watches were 35-37mm, but now they can measure up to 41-44mm. There is, however, no proper watch size. The debate is ongoing and passionate. Too big and the piece may appear to be perceived as too much. Conversely, too small in the present world may make the watch appear for smaller hands or retro.

Hard and fast rules

Regardless of the size face you wear. Watches should not overpower your wrist. It is akin to wearing a shirt four sizes too big or too small. If lugs stick out to accommodate the face, it is too big. If the face does not cover your wrist, consider going up a bit. The face should sit comfortable on your wrist from top to bottom. The crown should also be accounted for by not digging in to the skin for smaller sizes or moves around too much for an expanded space.

The celebrity factor

Celebrities truly make styles popular. A favorite actor or pop singer can herald in a new sense of fashion. In a bid to appear more masculine, actors have seemed to invest in large sports watches for men over the last twelve years. The fact that many blockbusters have been action series with the possibility of future sequels means celebrities must appear to be the alpha male to their core base audience, which mostly consists of teenage boys looking for a role model. The public warmed up to the larger sizes in the 2000s as body types began to favor a bulkier frame. This era also brought in the evolution of more visual personality features. Men have throughout history only been able to wear a watch as their singular piece of jewelry. As the metrosexual replaced the lumberjack and now vice versa, men have used the faces of their watch to communicate their personality. They may be bold or sleek given credence to the popularity of the quiet man.

A watch is more than the ability to tell time

Watch faces have now developed into being a symbol of power. As a status symbol, the bigger the better for watches. Women have also adopted men’s trends such as the larger face to signal that they too are bosses and capable of gaining their own positions outside of marriage. Women may either choose a feminine version of a watch with a large face or a smaller version of a man’s timepiece.


A watch face that fits the size of your wrist is the only style rule that matters.

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