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Divers Watches Signal a Man of Style

Divers Watches Signal a Man of Style

2016 may be the year of creating personal standards of a signature style. A wristwatch is how gentlemen and mortals are separated. In today’s times when there seems to be a stigma against following rules, below are some guidelines to define luxury without hassle and to offer a timeless solution. While not every man can be a style icon, one can at least look the part on some level, especially with the right divers watch. 

Size does matter

After three piece suits were traded for t-shirts in sizes that seem to drown the wearer, paired with even baggier pants, a return to fitted styles has thankfully re-emerged as a staple. Being professional means that clothes should fit and enhance the wearer as a man of style. This also applies to his watch. Size is relative to a man’s frame, but can be slightly modified. A man who plays professional football will differ in structure from a sponsored golfer. One sport calls for strength while the other requires strategy, so body types differ to adapt to the chosen athletics. Watches should complement the wearer at all times. A wrist is not just a wrist, and how a man prefers his watch to fit is relative. One may prefer a tight fit of a face or bandwidth, while another may desire some space. The only true guideline is that the lugs should not be so overpowering that they become a distraction from the design. Smaller watches are making a roaring comeback after years of big face watches overpowering the wrists. Select a size that works for your lifestyle and review an earlier post on this exact topic. Diving watches come in a multitude of sizes that can balance the outdoors with the indoors.

Be appropriate with color

Every woman has a little black dress in her closet. It goes with everything and fits any occasion. Black serves any social engagement and most outfits. A black men’s watch can be perfect in any situation. A watch strap should fit the occasion, from a day at the office to making a toast. A general guideline is the more pronounced the design, the simpler the strap should be. Black leather is a classic choice because it allows the design to be the timepiece’s focal point. Blue is also a classic color, but may not go well with a black suit. For those who are more adventurous in their color schemes, a blue strap with pair well with a white or orange suit. Play around with color, but keep the intricacy of the design top of mind to prevent a perception of overkill.

Select a style that matters

Diving watches are the perfect every day watch. They have formal elements, but can be worn on errands and to command the boardroom. This style has been around since the 1950s and remains timeless. Diving watches are on the larger end, but can beselected to fit any wrist. There are able to handle the pressure below the water’s surface with a moveable bezel as a signature component.

Let your style be your true north star and create a collection that starts the conversation every time.

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