From Luxury Sports Watches to Big Face Watches: The trends in feminine watch styles | Lapizta Racing Watches and Luxury Sports Watches

From Luxury Sports Watches to Big Face Watches: The trends in feminine watch styles

From Luxury Sports Watches to Big Face Watches: The trends in feminine watch styles


Trends always seem to be cyclical. Decades seem to pattern themselves as reactions to one another. When one decade loves color, the following can prefer starkness. A popular design can be demonstrative while another can be sleek a few years later. Throughout the decades, styles can change, but the classics endure to be reimagined by a new generation.

The beginning of style

Women were not socially permitted to wear pocket watches. They were seen as impractical for impending domestic duties and therefore too masculine in nature. Women’s wrists were decorated in utilitarian designs that could best be described as delicate. That is until the Great War and up to the 1960s. French women began embellishing their wristwatches with elaborate designs that were inspired by the uncovering of King Tut’s tomb. The straps and face were incredibly ornate and more geared towards balls that an evening indoors washing dishes. British women, within the same decade, started the trend of sleeker watches that were perfect for horseback riding and the outdoor life.

Today women’s watches take their inspiration from the century old gold standard of style. Feminine watches are either heavily decorated in rhinestones or similar eye catchers or minimalist in an homage to utilitarian purposes.

Groovy, baby

The 1960s was when the world started revolutions both personally and for the good of humanity. Protests and the shifting of societal norms seemed to turn watches into armor. Designs went from the 1950s ultra-feminine sleek design to a bulkier design. Faces were more compact as were the designs.

The brighter, the better

Seventies designs show what was revolutionary at the time- straps came out to play. Bright color and bold patterns were en vogue. Mustard yellow and vibrant neutrals were showcased on delicate wrists all over the world. Simple black or standard metal were seen as stuffy. This trend became the oversized trends of the 1980s.

Matchy, matchy

Women in the 1980s had a fixation on matching. Socks had to accessorize with the loudest color in the ubiquitous floral patterns. As a result, watch companies widened straps to be bigger than the faces. This encouraged women to buy watches that had removable straps that could be switched out for a matching color.

Back to the 1960s

The wave of new technology signaled a digital revolution and the search for what had been comforting. Just as with other fashions, watches cycled back to the earlier decade of the 1960s with anti-government protests in the updated fight against consumerism. Watches were as sleek as possible. Basic metals worked best.

The bigger, the better

Watch trends dictated that women’s watches had to be blinged out and highly visible just as they were in 1900s France. Diamonds and rhinestones displayed the wealth of newly independent women. Designers got in on the trend as logos grew quite popular. Having a strap with logos and a face encased in diamonds was the height of style.


Consider the styles throughout the decades and make them your own.

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