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How to Select the Best Sports Watches for Men

How to Select the Best Sports Watches for Men


Peak performance can be augmented with the right tools. A runner could not train for a marathon without the right shoes just as a golfer needs a caddie. The same concept applies when selecting the best sports watch. Fractions of a second can be the difference between gold and silver, or even placing at all. Below are a few guidelines to help in the decision of purchasing luxury sports watches.


A diving watch is not just worn by those who conquer the watery realms of the blue planet. Sweat, snow, and ice can also damage a watch that is not designed to be water resistant. Consider a watch of this design if you live in colder climates in which training under snowy conditions cannot be a deterrent.


The best watch in the world will be rendered useless if it cannot be read. While a watch should also stay as dry as a diving watch, it should also be easy to read. Big numerals will be complemented by a high-contrast display, and a watch face that glows in the dark is best for early morning or late night training sessions. Dials should not be so cluttered that a quick glance will lead to a distraction. Less is more when simplicity matters the most.


Watches were made for adventure. Some features of sports watches for men include stopwatches, barometric pressure gauges and altitude readings. A few also offer GPS tracking when getting in the zone can get a bit off course. When measurement is the key to training, select a watch that has the features you need.


A watch that is worn to commandeer a boardroom will not work, even under the best circumstances, on a rugged expedition. The strap should be comfortable, but also resilient. A leather strap may help you get noticed in a job interview, but it won’t work as well as a rubber strap when you’re working up a sweat. Polymer or rubber work best for outdoor conditions, as they are tough yet lightweight. Choose materials that can absorb shock if needed or be elastic to any degree. Stainless steel may also work given its anti-corrosive properties and resistance to the elements.


Watches with a solar powered backup can be worth their weight in gold. However, a quartz movement may be a top choice for athletics given for its sportier perception and powerful resistance. Mechanical watches can be nearly immortal with the right maintenance. They may have delicate elements, but can work well in high temperatures. Both types of movement can be effective in a sports watch.

Do the research, see which features matter the most to your training needs and go big!

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