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The Right Watch is Always in Style

The Right Watch is Always in Style

The classic wristwatch will never go out of style, even though times and fashions change. It was once considered the height of style to have a polyester leisure suit enhanced by a giant gold medallion while a few decades later tastes changed to favor jeans so wide they could cause the wearer to trip; this aesthetic did not survive to the following decade. What has remained steadfast is the traditional wristwatch. With the advent of smartwatches, some have predicted that watchmakers would go the way of shoemakers and travel agents. This assumption is simply not the case.

History supports watches

Wristwatches have been around since World War I for men, and even longer for women, dating back 500 years to a time when a pocket watches were perceived as too masculine. The standard wristwatch has survived wars and advances in technology so significant that our ancestors would be amazed at our modern conveniences. These strides in technology have advanced designs to include sports watches for men and luxury racing watches. Google, Apple, and Samsung may be patenting their digital offerings, but companies such as ours are still going strong.

A man of style

The potential competition from smartwatches has been squashed, given that men of style understand the right wristwatch can change their lives by altering how others perceive their personal presentation. Consumers love innovation, but they demand classic style. A wristwatch suggests refinement and the status it affords the wearer. Be a hero

Heroes such as James Bond wear classic wristwatches. It connotes a strong sense of stylish masculinity. Celebrities know they have arrived when they are asked to be the spokesperson for a watch brand. Consumers are drawn to the aspirational lifestyle they hope to achieve by wearing the wristwatch.

Personal luxury

New phones and digital devices are released every year, and they are not expected to last more than two years. A classic watch, however, can last the wearer a lifetime and be gifted to future generations. Timepieces can also be collectibles. No one lays out his or her old phones or first generation devices for display. A watch from a grandfather or a special edition watch can be the crowning piece in a collection, or worn on a daily basis.

The Power of Nostalgia

A hipster in Brooklyn may prefer to use a flip phone rather than the latest device. He may be making a style statement or the communication piece may harken back to a simpler time when people could pass the day without taking a single picture. Watches also evoke nostalgia for the wearer. Their great-great-

great grandfather may have smuggled the timepiece when they came to a new country or a relative may have provided an example in which to have a valuable life and the watch could serve as a reminder. People associate watches with loved ones or a particular look they would like to emulate, and they also appreciate the artisanship of their fellow men rather than the cookie cutter designs of technology.


Tradition can trump convenience. Humans have been creating time management devices since ancient Egyptians began experimenting with sundials. History can be reframed to exist as a chronology of horology, the study and measurement of time. The right watch demonstrates that the wearer has a refined taste that others can aspire to emulate. A man of style understands that nostalgia and history provide a timeless style that allows him to attain personal luxury.

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